The Prosperity Formula is Simple:
Achieve it, and prosperity is inevitable.

Prosperity is maximized
when everybody is working to the fullest extent
of their aspirations and capabilities
in an economically and socially stable society,
making better goods tomorrow
with less labour than yesterday.

1. The Economics of Prosperity
2. Destructive Devices
3. Destruction to Re-construction
4. The Economic Cycle
5. A Fair Day’s Pay and a Stable Currency
6. Government: the Nation’s biggest Source of Waste

Then why do we find it so elusive?

The Economics of Prosperity
Download in pdf format. 18 pages.

Basics and Crises of our Banking System
How it should work, and where it went drastically wrong.
Housing: Affordability and Forecolsure
Stabilizing the property market.
Man cannot live by debt alone.
Government and personal debt: the twin demons
Regional Development Banking
for stability and growth - with no economic black spots
Regional Development Banking – Q & A
Setup and Questions
NO to Austerity
Austerity just makes things worse.
The Banking System Unmasked
Unveiling the masques.
The Four Phases of Capitalism
Private, joint stock, casino, and whiz kid.
Prosperity - Anti-prosperity
Non-productive overheads reduce our prosperity.
Globalization - Localization
Importing is fine, but we need to produce something in exchange.
The Eurozone: Why does Germany call the shots?
Banking for industry, and teamwork. Any country can do it.
YES to Growth!
Project-Secured Investment for a Productive Economy

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